Welcome to Shree JanakSiddhi Secondary School

One of the oldest Secondary Schools of Bhaktapur district, Janak Siddhikalee Secondary School is located in Madhyapur Thimi Municipality. At first, this school was named as Janak Rastriya Primary School which was founded with the initiation if the civil service holders at the in of the Siddhikalee Temple. The majority of inhabitants are the people from Newer Community. Children from various backgrounds and occupations/professions come to this school for their study. The classes from ECD to class 10 have been run to impart quality education. The school has pristine environment along with a well facilitated infrastructure. The qualified and dedicated teachers have been providing quality education to the students.

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Message from Principal

Dear students, parents guardians,Welcome to JSSS, Bhaktapur which is committed to provide quality and value based education. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those academicians, teacher, perants, guardians, students and well-wishers for their valuable contribution in the upliftment and development of the school. JSSS is marching relentlessly to create an education abode that will transfer the hidden talents and potentials of an individual to sound human resource. It is totally committed towards the mission of developing this institution as one of the foremost academic institutions in the country and creating a favorable impression and ensure the holistic development of children trough innovative and practical education.There is harmonious relationship among parents, teacher, students  and well-wishers. By keeping triangular relationship among parents, teachers and students, We can help improve teaching learning activities for all round development of the School.With the objective of fulfilling the demand of the national curriculum and increase access of quality education to general mass of people. We have already initiated multimedia based digital classes to replace the traditional medium of instruction.

Our Facilities

Shree Janak has been delivering excellent services in the area of education and literacy in Nepal for the past 10 years. We offer students with myriad of services.

We aim to qualify every students to their utmost potential and motivate them to strive for success.

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Our Blogs

Third Term Routine 2075


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Universal Poem

The flower is blossoming of the plant,

The plant is a handkerchief of the god,

The god is universal.


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